Sandy Rogers: The Referral Queen

When I sat down with Barry and Catherine, I didn’t know they would be able to quickly come up with a new strategy to turn my business into something new using the skills and experience I already had and some talents I wasn’t using.

In just a short time, they laid out a business idea, some initial strategies, and gave me homework to bring me to the next step of this creation. I was impressed and amazed at how quickly they created a plan that was easy to implement and even provided the resources that I needed.

I strongly recommend using Business Solutions for Growth as a new business or if you are putting in more and more effort to your business with fewer and fewer rewards.

Greg Peterson: Host Urban Farm Podcast

Not long ago, we decided to re-create and improve upon The Urban Farm podcast. We turned to Barry and Catherine Cohen of Business Solutions for Growth to help us get on track. They worked with me and my key staff members who were going to be responsible for different aspects of getting guests, recording, and producing the podcast.

Their help pretty much singlehandedly helped us launch our incredibly successful Urban Farm Podcast. In just six months, we had more than 123,000 downloads and averaged 1,500 downloads per show. If you are considering creating a podcast, have Business Solutions for Growth help you.

Catherine and Barry were a godsend. Many kudos to them.

Shoshana Roller: Women’s Health Coach

As a certified health coach, my area of expertise is in using food to heal the body, specifically inflammation. I am also well versed in using essential oils to heal. In addition to my health coaching, I am involved in several other businesses that scatter my energies and confuse people when I describe what I do.

After just one business strategy session with Business Solutions for Growth, I was able to gain clarity and start to create a plan of action.

We discussed offerings I could make to gain interest in my health coaching and set me up as a knowledgeable expert in my field. We began to create a branding direction that unified the food plans, essential oils, and even hypno-birthing to give a more cohesive message of working with women. And finally, Catherine and Barry showed me that holding on to businesses for “money right now” was causing me greater losses in the long run. By creating a focus, my message is clear.

I look forward to continuing to work with Business Solutions for Growth to create a cohesive message for my business and to outline the steps to success.

Fortunata McConkey: Compass of Wellness

As a health coach and yoga instructor, my message is that health and wellness can be easy and easily incorporated into daily living at any level.

After speaking with Barry and Catherine of Business Solutions for Growth, I came to understand podcasting and what it could do for my business and how it could grow my audience. I chose the personal training program to launch my podcast, Compass of Wellness.

The scope of the course was so complete I went from not knowing what a podcast was to creating my own in-home recording area, understanding the equipment, editing and posting, and being able to do a great show with just myself talking, or even a great interview. Barry and Catherine each have a unique set of skills, and together they cover everything I needed to learn.

For anyone looking to create a way of sharing your expertise, increasing your reach, and getting fans that become customers, I suggest podcasting and learning all the ins and outs by working with Business Solutions for Growth.