Live Talks

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Finding Hidden Income in Your Business

Find the income hidden in your business that you didn’t even know existed! During this presentation, you’ll learn the tools to evaluate your offerings and start to make the changes that will help you find the hidden income in your business.

  • Understand your TEDS™: Talent, Experience, Desire, and Skills
  • The truth behind multiple streams of income
  • Review and evaluate your current offerings
  • Create a strategic plan to grow your business

60- or 90-minute Presentation

Networking that Works

We all enjoy mixing and mingling. But when it comes to business, you need to have a strategy to make it work. In this 60 or 90 minute talk we will help you:

  • Create an elevator pitch
  • Perfect your commercial
  • Create a plan for getting one-to-one appointments
  • Create relationships from those appointments
  • Determine the types of networking opportunities that are right for you and your business.

60- or 90-minute Presentation

Introduction to Podcasting

This 90-minute talk will teach you what you need to know to start podcasting. We teach the basics you need to create, record, and publish your own podcast, including:

  • Interviewing techniques
  • Why you should podcast for your business
  • How to promote your podcast

BONUS: How to get interviewed on podcasts and radio programs

90-minute Presentation