About Us

Barry Cohen
Answers to Catherine
Barry is the co-founder of Business Solutions for Growth. A more technical thinker with a 30-plus years of experience in computers, Barry is the systems guy. Whether it’s the systems on the computers or the systems that run the business, it’s all about order and organization. He is a passionate researcher, able to find answers and resources to almost everything, and is a speaker on topics ranging from computers to podcasting to business strategies to working with your spouse. He actively consults with clients to offer business solutions that work

Catherine Cohen
The Boss

Catherine is the co-founder of Business Solutions for Growth. A more creative force, Catherine is the ideas person. Ideas and inspiration seem to just come to her. Her specialty is taking a client’s talent, experience, desire, and skills, and reworking them into new offerings, laying out the groundwork to get a new business started, or creating a path of growth and renewal. Catherine enjoys crafting solutions that make sense to each client’s unique situation.

Our Background

Barry and Catherine both had parents who created successful companies together. Working together and working with others to help their businesses grow is in their DNA.

In 2003 they started their first business together and built it from the ground up. Premier Barter was one of the largest barter exchanges in Arizona. After six years of building their own barter exchange, Barry and Catherine saw the need to create a better barter exchange management software and in 2009, with the help of a business partner, launched Barter21. They sold Premier Barter in 2013, and left the software business in early 2017..

Business Solutions for Growth was born out of the years of working, coaching, creating, and advising business owners. After the successful launch and growth of their first podcast, Together 24/7, Barry and Catherine also began training entrepreneurs to start their own podcast and use it as a way to gain more customers and influence. They’ve brought together all their skills, experience and talent to create a magical toolbox of ideas, plans, inspiration, and more, designed to help their clients to start, grow and succeed.

As a health coach and yoga instructor, my message is that health and wellness can be easy and easily incorporated into daily living at any level.

After speaking with Barry and Catherine of Business Solutions for Growth, I came to understand podcasting and what it could do for my business and how it could grow my audience. I chose the personal training program to launch my podcast, Compass of Wellness.

The scope of the course was so complete I went from not knowing what a podcast was to creating my own in-home recording area, understanding the equipment, editing and posting, and being able to do a great show with just myself talking, or even a great interview. Barry and Catherine each have a unique set of skills, and together they cover everything I needed to learn.

For anyone looking to create a way of sharing your expertise, increasing your reach, and getting fans that become customers, I suggest podcasting and learning all the ins and outs by working with Business Solutions for Growth.

Fortunata McConkey

Compass of Wellness