Group Coaching

Support from Fellow Entrepreneurs

Working with peers in a group coaching environment, participants can benefit from learning with others, as well as from others. As we grow and expand our business, it is as powerful to learn more effective and profitable ways of doing business as it is for us to help each other and prove to ourselves we have what it takes. We realize our potential as we grow our entrepreneurial creativity. Peer learning and support becomes an added benefit of being part of a group. Another big benefit of participating in group environment is making connections, getting to know others and creating a sense of community. Barry and Catherine are committed to facilitate learning and growing. In just 12 months you will completely turn your business around. You will go from scattered thoughts and misdirected action to a strategic plan that has you working with your ideal clients. You will learn how to focus on your ideal clients and understand how best to serve them. You will stop wasting time going after anyone and everyone. Laser in on the who, create exactly what they need, and charge what you are worth. Let us work with you ensure sustained growth through next step planning and implementation.

What you get with this program:

  • A group of peers, learning together, holding each other accountable, and supporting each other.
  • Creative and personalized strategies for gaining more clients.
  • Understand who your client is, where they hang out, and how to best attract them.
  • Plan of action to move forward in your business.
  • Create a list of priorities for your business.
  • Knowledge of which projects to keep and which projects to put on hold or eliminate.
  • BONUS: 30-minute follow-up six weeks after your last session (Personal)

How we deliver:

  • Meet twice a month in a group environment via video calls with Catherine and Barry.
  • Link to session replay emailed to you after each call.
  • Personalized Business review questionnaire and evaluation (30-minute pre-session)


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